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Robert H. Sickler has been a native of the beautiful Catskill Mountain region of New York State's Hudson Valley for over 60 years. From about age five, he has never wanted to be anything else but an artist. Bob was born in an era when Rock 'N Roll began and computers would never be thought of as a tool for an artist. His earliest influence came from his grandparents who were both landscape painters. Every art course in school, from elementary to college and beyond, focused and sharpened his pursuit of quality and excellence. While still in high school, he began his career with his first part-time employment in 1969 working as a graphic artist for an advertising agency in his hometown of Kingston, New York. Some of the tools of the trade were the six pictured at left. Other skills were also acquired with several positions as a technical illustrator and draftsman.

Soon the computer would enter the picture as the new tool for artists in the 1980's. Many artists resisted this change and Bob was one of them. During this time he also started a parallel career as a writer. However, the computer and word processing software were the welcomed sword that slayed the beast known as "Typewriter". As he began getting used to the computer, he realized that his old graphic art tools would also eventually yield to the new also. Graphic art and design would never be the same with the exciting new possibilities of digital imaging and layout. Bob's skill with things technical would allow teaching himself to build and maintain his own high-powered computer systems.

In 1996, after many years of working for others, Bob Sickler decided to form his own graphic design company of one and work at home... A dream finally come true. His current client base has been developed solely from satisfied referrals. Currently, he enjoys a wide variety of work from client accounts local to the nationally famous. He specializes in corporate/product logos, full-color advertising, and imaging for both offset press and the internet. In addition to his many graphic achievements, Bob has authored, designed and self-published books on the outdoor recreational hobby of metal detecting (his hobby for over 40 years). Additionally, he has authored many magazine articles about metal detecting. His knowledge of digital color management was recognized by an article request from Corel Magazine. He has also been instrumental in helping the Microsoft and Corel corporations identify and improve several software problems.

When Bob is not creating artwork indoors, he enjoys the outdoors hiking and exploring with his metal detector. He also enjoys his hobby playing the guitars and amplifiers he builds himself. Bob enjoys life with his wife Barbara (a talented photographer), daughter Alison (an aspiring writer and now English teacher) and personal assistant "Missy". Missy can be seen below helping me keep my chin up! Missy and I look a little older these days, but we are still joined at the head and heart!

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